Americans need to get the hell out of this country. I’m totally serious about this. If I have to hear about one more vacation, honeymoon, spring break that included travel to an english speaking country at an all inclusive resort, or worse, on a cruise ship, I’m going to puke.

The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave needs to be re-named Land of the Sissy Pants, Home of Culturally Illiterate Moron.

I’m sick of seeing Americans travel in safe little bubbles, free from hassle, free from thought, free from intermingling. This kind of experience makes Americans the equivalent of a travelling zoo to the rest of the world. Take a hint: get off the tour bus!

Have an embarassing conversation with a poorly written phrase book already! Eat food you’d never eat under normal circumstances let alone be able to pronounce the name of. Get hassled and insulted by locals. Then allow yourself to be shown great kindness and pride by other locals.

Go somewhere scary. You know, like some place where you’ll have to think about what your seeing and doing rather than being spoon fed the local culture by a bored tour guide.

Shop in an actual market and get the hell out of the duty free line.

For Dog’s sake, go and see the world outside of the ordinary.

Carpe-freakin’-Diem, already people!