It’s so rare that I ever get to place persons of equal egos in the categorization of “Gods and Monsters”, so let’s get to it:

First Up: The Monster 

Oh, Dog, Ann Coulter opens her mouth again. I’m all for freedom of speech, but this broad needs to just go away.

What really disappoints me about her is that she’s actually smart. You don’t work in the legislature as long as she did and not possess less brain cells than your average amoeba. What disgusts me about her though, is that she is trying to play off this “kicky” idea that by being thin, blond and sporting the ever-obligatory black cocktail dress that she can sell this particularly brand of hate-mongering (spewing vitriol, I suspect, she doesn’t even really believe) as a gimmick to get rich.

Unfortunately, it’s working. But, Ann, dear, this also makes you a whore.

So here’s the latest on Ann and her troglodytic views… 

But whenever Axis Annie decides to open her yap, I know I can always run to my YouTube for a healthy anitdote of Henry.

Next Up: The God

If you are unfamiliar with Henry Rollins, writer, actor, talk show host, performance artist, and former lead singer of Black Flag and the Rollins Band, do allow me to introduce you. Henry is a gorgeous hunk of rational and humane yumminess.

I worship him. I love him. I want to hug him and kiss him and re-name him George.

Should anything ever happen to my dear and wonderful Sailor Man, you can bet your ass I’m coming for you Henry. Prepare to take cover.