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Sailor Man often complains that I want it both ways. He complains to me that I can’t have it both ways.

Given the existence of particle wave duality, I argue, yes, I can. Light is a tricky beast. Allows you to see everything yet will blind you at the same time. Sometimes acts like a particle. Other times acts like a wave. Is it a wave with particle properties? Or is it a particle with properties of waves?

Bohrs, Einstein, Newton, Young, and a host of great minds have tried to tackle this problem and we still have no satisfactory answers.

So, yes, I can be mad as hell at you and love you ferociously at the same time.

So, yes, I will spend an hour giving myself the perfect pedicure and then throw on a pair of socks and shoes.

So, yes, I can insist you not leave your dirty clothes on the floor and simultaneously demand that you not stop to fold your pants if I’m trying to get it on with you.

Bohrs, Einsten, Newton, Young….even they couldn’t entirely figure it out. But then, sorry, I forgot, they were only men.