I don’t care for much of the music that is played on the radio these days. Occasionally, when I can pick it up, the Canadian station across the lake plays some good stuff, and Gannon U, when I’m desperate, can play some decent tunes as well.

00299-daily-cartoons-baseball-batI basically stopped listening to popular radio a few years ago in the middle of the national edict thus proclaiming that “Umbrella” by Rhianna, must be played at all hours of the day on all stations including country stations, classic rock, and christian music. There was simply no escape. I turned the radio off.

I hate the song, I hate the voice, and now I have reason to intensely dislike the person. What a trifecta.

We’ve all pretty much heard the love story that is Chris Brown and Rhianna: Boy Meets Girl, Boy Beats Girl, Girl Hides Out, Girl Returns To Boy (until Boy is charged by the LA District Attorney…hopefully).

It’s her life, it’s her physical safety, but really, what a waste. The story of a famous woman who is physically terrorized by a famous man opened up a national dialogue about domestic abuse. Said Famous Woman had an opportunity to emerge stronger, in control, and inspire women in similar relationships to leave them.

Instead Famous Woman now comes across as pathetic and weak and Famous Thug is likely to get off scot-free, again.

Instead the cycle is likely to continue. And young women who look up to Rhianna are more likely to stick it out because, really, if Chris and Rhianna can work it out…

My mother once told me that if I felt I was trapped in a relationship with a man who beat me, that I should wait for him to go to bed and then go find a crow bar. Not a baseball bat, she was specific, but a crowbar, better swinging action apparently. This certainly isn’t the right advice for young woman either, but the intent is clear: you don’t have to take it and if he’s stronger than you, bide your time and plan your attack.

Have I mentioned my mother is a five-foot tall Mick?

Anyways, if Rhianna, misguided young woman that she is, is determined to try and work it out with this ass-hat who belongs in prison, then I hope she has a titanium umbrella ready. She’s going to need it.