I was fairly sure that I was done with all the strange culinary traditions Erie had to offer when I lit upon a new one this New Years.

imagesSeems and that pork and sauerkraut are the order of the day come January 1. Thought it was just and Erie thing and then I discovered it is a German tradition in that pigs are considered lucky and sauerkraut, well, it just goes well with pork chops. I’ve not seen nor heard of this tradition outside of this town.

Though Sailor and I had a beyond tame New Years Eve, it didn’t prevent us from being invited to partake of a local “cure”. We were introduced to “Tom and Jerrys” (yes, no apostrophe, and, no, not the ice cream). An interesting and lethal little mixture to be consumed on New Years Day after a night of debauchery. It is a shot of rum and brandy with a splash of hot water and topped with a frothy eggwhite concoction dusted with nutmeg. I later found a recipe for it in a cookbook of English recipes from the 17th century. The Brits apparently call it “syllabub”. Nearly rivals Mother’s Christmas Coronaries, they’re that deadly. Certainly something you will feel in your root canal.

Ah, Erie…just when I think I have it figured out, yet another curveball is thrown…and another year is upon me…