I’m a sucker for a mystery. Not as in novels, I actually don’t care for the genre in literature. And mystery movies don’t exactly do it for me either. It’s more akin to simply enjoying a story that does not have an end. Or is missing it’s midddle. Just enough so you don’t have all the facts and are left wanting for more.

Whether it’s Amelia Earhart, raining frogs, Raoul Wallenberg, the Black Dahlia, The Mary Celeste, or Jack the Ripper, I frantically beg that people don’t find them, don’t solve them, don’t examine them, and in general just leave the story the hell alone! I like my mysteries intact.

So it is with anticipation that I hope no one comes forward to solve this interesting case of a perfectly functioning piano left in the woods off Cape Cod. It’s a little romantic, a little creepy, definitely strange, and a perfect late fall mystery for me to ponder.