Sailor has a Work Spouse. And I’m glad for it. I don’t speak “boat” very well and often glaze over when Sailor, for the umpteenth time, talks about boat things I clearly do not understand. Work Spouse speaks this bizarre jargon and fills a void. It’s actually pretty fun to watch when they get together and go all “tallship” on each other. They are like evil twin siblings. They amuse me.

I have a type of work spouse only only we’re more like Androgynous Life-Partners. Where Sailor’s spouse share the thing of boats, my Work Spouse and I share the love of all things sick, twisted, and animated. And World War II. And drinking. And blowing things up. And making fun of the world at large….

Anyhoo-I am visiting Sailor this weekend and his Work Spouse is coming with me. There’s boat festival in a town we used to live in and frankly, this spouse (not the work one) needs to get laid. And Work Spouse is travelling with me for the unrelated purpose of a potential job opportunity down there.

But we’re going to be in a car together for eight hours and that will be strange. She is also going to be in the next cabin on the boat (yeah, I’m roughing it on the boat) and that just feels weird. Like “Little Darlings” summer camp weird. Sailor and my relationship with Work Spouse are kept pretty separate for no other reason than she is in town when Sailor is not. So this group thing will be unusual.

The problem, however, really is that Sailor is failing to recognize my job function by attending this event. As Real Life Spouse, my job is to look good and shag him stupid. Neither of which can be achieved by staying on a boat that has no electrical outlets near mirrors and when boom-chicka-wow-wow can be heard through flimsy walls four cabins down.

Still, I’m looking forward to the trip. Even the car ride. I like Work Spouse, even though we couldn’t be more different, and the ride down should be fun. I’m hoping to impose upon one our friends in the town to provide us with a place to stay, so we’ll see how that turns out. Meanwhile, I’m loading up the iPod for the trip.

I hope Work Spouse like Tom Jones…