I was walking the puppy dog the other day when I passed a neighbor with a sign in her front yard that reads “Vote Pro-Life”. She happened to be out front raking her yard. And as I am sure you can guess, I couldn’t help myself:

“What exactly does that mean: ‘pro-life’?”

“It means I am voting for candidates that support a culture of life.”

“‘Culture of life’. So then you’re voting Democrat?”

“What?! What would ever give you that idea? They’re baby killers!”

“But they don’t support the war in Iraq and typically are against the death sentence. 2 for 3 on your culture of life scale.”

She paused with the rake in hand and just kinda of stared into space for a moment.

“”Maybe you should clarify that to read Anti-abortion if that’s what you really mean.”

The sign came down yesterday. Replaced by a “McCain” sign. One where “Palin” is ln the bigger font.