So Sailor and I have been hitched for 5 years now. If you follow traditional gift giving standards, it’s our “Wood Anniversary”.

It’s a strange anniversary depiction because in our 8 years together, we’ve lived in 7 homes, in 4 cities, over 4 states covering 2000 miles. It really ought be the “New Tire Anniversary” or the “Moving Box Anniversary” or the “Chiropractic Anniversary from all the Moving Boxes Anniversary”.

How or why Sailor stays married to me, Dog only knows. Maybe all the time we spend apart helps the endeavor, maybe he doesn’t realize yet how truly evil I am, or maybe he does and he is just a glutton for punishment. Either way, he’s made it pretty clear he plans on sticking things out, which means I am in a rush trying to think up an anniversary present.

Suggestions are encouraged and appreciated.