I’ve seen this theory bouncing about on the Internet that for every old, white man in politics that dies, an equally powerful black man in entertainment dies as well. I’m trying to find the thread again, so if anyone comes across it, let me know and I’ll post it here.

The theory goes that these tandom deaths balance the universe. Such as when Ronald Reagan died (6/5/2004), Ray Charles passed away (6/10/2004). When James Brown passed on (12/25/2006), Gerald Ford kicked the bucket (12/26/2006). You get the picture…

So we’ve had a couple doozies the last few days: Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. Too soon for the both of them, really. But this leaves me wondering: Which old, white man in US politics can we expect to kick it in the very near future? Sailor Man thinks the political death of John Edwards suffices, but he’s not old, so I’m not convinced. Possibly Ted Stevens, the evidence seems pretty stacked against him and he is 85…hmmmmm….

Maybe the horribly tragic death of Bernie Mac balances the lack of a counter-part when Jesse Helms passed on last month. And Isaac Hayes, damn, that’s just sad. I can’t imagine why this great entertainer had to go so soon. But who do you suppose his counter-balance is? Does the Helms/Mac-Edwards/Hayes cover it, or should we be waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Death Pool anyone?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, sick and wrong, I’m horrible, I’m evil, yadda, yadda, yadda…learn to laugh, it makes life a lot more bearable…