I’m researching images, don’t ask why, but I’ve come across all these old WWII posters cranked out by the US government and I can’t help but draw some very obvious comparisons.

My grandparents remember WWII as a time of rationing and sacrifice. Everything went to the war effort. To do otherwise was considered unpatriotic. All citizens were encouraged to grow their own food, recycle materials, and conserve energy.

Not all that different from today if you consider it. Only today, the “war” is the assault on our own economy. And some of these same ideas are being revived not to support a war but to prevent another war over oil.

Buy local and support American farmers. Grow your own food and support your own health. Recycle and stop littering this country with landfills. Conserve energy, update the house. Travel less and help stop our addiction on foreign oil. Invent something and help create the next economic bubble.

Of course, I don’t seem to see a poster that encourages keeping corporate greed in check and not sending jobs overseas, or crashing the economy, but then something like that was unthinkable back then.

Anyway, I just found these posters amusing…double click to enlarge…