So Sailor Man’s cousins were in town last week, and aside from being a little more than insulted by the wife of one of said cousin about the state of my marriage, I also had the “pleasure” (note sarcastic quote symbols) of enduring some highly racist smack during beer-time on the deck.

Already pretty peeved-off about the whole marriage brouhaha, I wasn’t terribly inclined to get into it over the absolutely horrific “political discourse” about racial minorities. I merely put my drink down, picked up my things and quietly left.

And I’ve felt pretty crappy about it ever since.

Mostly this is because I have never let this kind of talk go on before (not the way I was raised), and being tired or in a bad mood is never enough of a reason to ever let talk like that continue, so in a way, I feel like I let myself/parents down. On the other hand, I have the tendency go pretty nuclear and it’s pretty hard to know how to approach the situation without creating more hurt feelings (which often tend to cloud the issue at hand) while still calling people on the carpet.

I had mentioned this problem to a friend of mine and he emailed me this YouTube link which perfectly lays out what to do and how.

No excuse next time. Next time I act.