So that this does not come across as a complete non-sequitor, I was driving to MY ISLAND last weekend and I kept humming this tune that I could not place. It bounced around in my noggin driving me effin bonkers all weekend.

It finally occured to me last night what it was: The Faygo Boat Song.

I’m from Detroit and back in the day, we used to drink the hometown brews of Vernors, Town Club and Faygo. Faygo released this utterly fantastic commercial way back complete with the a song that kicks the crap out of that Coca-Cola song.

So here’s the thought process, or so I think: Island in Maine was an amusement park until about the 1920’s. You take a boat to get there. In the Detroit River, there’s an island called Bois Blanc which was an amusement park called “Boblo Island” and you took a river boat to get there. Faygo filmed the commercial on one of the Boblo Boats and hence, the mice in brain latched onto repressed memories and here you go: