It was the first thing I did when I saw the house for the first time. The inside was a mess, but the front porch was clearly built for proclamations. So I hopped on the bench (in front of Sailor and the realtor who, oddly, didn’t even blink at my doing such a thing) and proclaimed the island to be mine. Stephen, the crazy little Irishman from the movie “Braveheart”. That’s his line and I’ve borrowed it often.

So here I am, back “home” in Maine where the weather is civilized, the skies are blue, the beach glass picking is in full harvest, the graveyard next to my house is a bit overgrown, and the ravens are in full glory. Ah, sigh….it’s good to be back.

Sailor Man and I have been trying to sell this house forever. However, the market sucks, land values have dropped, and tack on the difficulty of island life (for some people anyway, we loved it), and well, you get the picture. While financially it would be better sooooooo much easier to sell the house, emotionally, maybe, not so much. Frankly, it never was.

I think it’s time to bite the proverbial bullet, pull it off market, and rent it out. I don’t relish the thought of being an absentee landlord, but we can no longer afford to keep carrying the mortgage as is. The market will recover eventually, and who knows? Maybe it will be enough time for us to be back here for good.