Dunkin Donuts and Rachel Ray were proverbially bitch-slapped by some windbag at Fox News, when said commentator likened a scarf Ray was wearing to a something a terrorist would wear. Naturally, Corporate America being the spineless wusses that they are over such matters, immediately pulled the ad with profuse apologies.

Honestly, this has to be a joke. I saw this commercial last week and thought nothing of it. I heard the controversy, saw the ad again and still think nothing of it. This is a case of some idiot news whore trying justify her existence by making a stink where none exists. Kiffeyehs come in a gazillion patterns and are worn at least a dozen different ways. It’s traditional garb for men in the Middle East and has taken on the unfortunate association of belonging solely to the realm of terrorists. Honestly, had Ray been wearing the scarf Afrafat-style, I could see where brouhaha could arise. But this? Seriously? Chicky-poo Michelle Malkin needs to get a life.

And the bitch of it all is that even though I detest Gawker with every molecule of my being, I must admit, I laughed my ample hiney off when they posted this.