I was in Washington DC this weekend and, per usual, I was reminded how much I adore that town.

For whatever one thinks about the district and whomever happens to reside in the big house at the center of it, you can not deny that this city has a life of it’s own. DC is so much more than the cold museums and imposing political superstructure.

Funky, vibrant, urban dwellers from all walks of life live, and I mean really live, in this town. Sandwiched in between the Starbucks and Cosi cafes, are fantastic historical structures where families abound, dogs are everywhere, and suits are plenty. Liberal or conservative, rich or poor, white or otherwise, there is a ruling and dominant spirit in DC that transcends whatever the current political administration.

Savannah, Georgia escaped the burn and purge of the Civil War by putting its best foot forward and wooing the North into preserving its Southern Charm. I dare say, DC survives the political whims of this country by doing just the same.

If you have never been to Washington DC. you are missing out. Sure, there are all the amazing museums to see and the history is everywhere. But get out of the museum district. Hit Dupont Circle, flip a coin to choose a street and start walking away from downtown. Go see what living with taxation without representation gets you.

See the Washington DC that exists outside of CSPAN, and remember: the rat-bastard politicians infesting the place are just visiting.