Some girls just are.

They really just are. From a very early age, they like make up, they like having their hair done, they’re obsessed with nail polish, and Barbie dolls, and boys. They just instinctively know how to flirt and manipulate to get their way. They understand that they look differently, better, than other little girls and use that to get their way.

But those girls are very few and very far between. Sure we have the parent-constructed “princesses” and that kind of crap, but for the most part, little girls are androgynous little beings looking to run, play, jump, and exert.

I remember growing up with one of those girls however. She lived around the block and I didn’t get her. No, she didn’t come from an abusive home, nor was she under subversive influences, she was just one of those girls who from a very early age is instinctively sexualized. And Dog knows, her parents did everything short of sending her to a convent to tone that down.

Twenty years later, I came across one of those girls again. She was daughter of my sister’s neighbor in Maryland and I remember quite clearly overhearing the argument between a six-year-old little girl and her mother over the wearing of a bikini. Little girl wanted the bikini and the mother most certainly did not.

“But it shows more tan!” She wailed, loudly, for the neighborhood block to hear. She was definitely one of those girls and as often as I am around to little girls, I have not run across one of those girls since.

Hence, it disturbs me greatly when I read about retailers selling padded-bras geared towards girls who do not even merit the label “Tween”, not that selling padded bras towards that age group is any better.

From Feministing: read for yourself and be prepared to vomit, just a little, or a lot, your choice.