I was driving to school behind a car that has “H8 Witner” as their license plate number and I couldn’t help but chuckle. Here it is, a beautiful spring day in Erie, PA, which means it is technically above 50 degrees although it doesn’t feel like, but the skies are blue, the sun is out, and the crocuses, daffodils and tulips are beginning to appear.

I’m apreciating it while I can because the weather report is threatening snow this weekend.

And yes, it will crush my soul to have snow showers or even the threat of snow showers this weekend, but those showers serve a very important purpose for those of us living in the Northern Climes: the appreciation of a pretty, 50 degree day.

Let’s face it, those living below the Mason-Dixon line just do not have an appreciation for spring the way those of us above the Mason-Dixon Line do.  Sure, winter is dragging its heels in going away. Sure, we desperately need some sun so we can get outside. Sure we’re at our wits end with the back and forth of bad and snowy weather. But the fact of the matter is this: it’s 50 degrees out today. Now. This minute. As I type. What are you going to do with it?

We appreciate the 50 degree day for the precious commodity that it is. We know how fleeting it can be. We’ll get out of the office for lunch to celebrate. We’ll take a few minutes break to go outside and soak in the rays. We’ll not be in such a hurry to drive home, because the car windows are down and it’s just nice to be. We’ll take the dog for a much-deserved, extra-long walk after dinner. We’ll not gripe as much about yard work because we’ll be outside to enjoy the weather.

A 50 degree, sunny day in Erie, PA makes us nicer people. It makes us more charitable. It gives us a sense of well-being. It makes us ambitious and productive. It makes us appreciate the cycle of life because we know the bad weather this weekend could more than likely wipe out our tulips.

50 degrees and a little sun is t-shirts, no jacket and glass-half-full.

50 degrees and a little sun in Florida is OMG, where is my winter coat! This weather sucks! I’m sooo cold! 

50 degrees and a little sun is to be treasured, savored, and loved because in Erie, PA, we know how it could be awhile before we see the next one. I’ve said it before, you never appreciate a 75 degree day in June like you appreciate a 50 degree day in early spring.

Get out and enjoy it while you can. And those of you in Florida-quit yer bitchin’.