1. I’m really getting too old for this nonsense.

2. If I’m going to fork over the dough for an 18 year old whiskey, the bartenders really ought learn how to pour a proper glass. Especially if said establishment purports to be an “Irish Pub” (Yes, I’m talking about you, Molly Branigans).

3. Given #2, said bartenders ought also learn that when a drink is requested “neat”, I’m not referring to the cleanliness of the glassware.

4. Drinking whiskey for six hours straight is probably not the best thing I can do for myself.

5. 22 year old college boys are absolutely hilarious.

6. Referring back to #5, they’re also like hyper, slobbering puppies begging to be trained.

7. Given #5 and #6, thank Dog I’m married.

8. Question: Is everyone in this freakin’ town a sailor?

9. Erie is waaaaaaay too small.

10. I’ll allow I may not have been in the best state of mind to judge this properly, but Dominick’s at 3am in the morning has about the best food on the planet.

11. Given the level of my hang-over this morning, my liver must be on strike.

12. 364 days might just be enough time to recover to do this again next year.

13. Pub crawls are for amateurs…where is the Pro Tour for this? What would that look like?