Last minute preparations for going to Iceland: trying not to bicker with Sailor Man, finally deciding how long we are renting a car for, and learning a few phrases in Icelandic.

I came across a fairly snarky site that promised I could “Learn enough Icelandic to get you slapped in a bar!”. This is my kind of site. Aside from learning “thank you” Takk, and “beer” Byor, they also provide the ever important phrase Ég vil bjór “Where is Bjork?”.

Interesting enough, there is no Icelandic word for “please”.

So in the next 24 hours, I should be able to properly pronounce Svifnökkvinn minn er fullur af álum “My hover craft is full of eels”, and Láttu þér batna, Láttu þér batna fljótt “Get well soon”.

I am going to get along famously!

So that’s it. No posts for awhile. If I’m lucky, I will be entirely too busy tracking down this guy from LazyTown, seeing ancient Saga sites, eating rotten shark and drinking enough Brenevin to sprout hair in places no one woman should have hair.

I hope it is snowy, cold, and utterly miserable here, because in Iceland in February I’m sure it will be bliss.


Góða ferð!