Major research paper is now complete. Must get minor paper written and cram head full of important facts for my “evaluation on learning” aka final exam, on Wednesday. Must also get house cleaned, buy food for puppy dog, have work related matters reasonably caught up on, and, oh yeah, pack! before exam.

Must also decide on how long to rent car in Iceland, check weather for road condition updates out on the peninsula we plan to visit, make final reservations at wherever the hell we plan to rest our heads each night, and assure my mom, again, that no, we won’t be swinging by to visit cousins in Co. Tipperary, because said cousins are in a different freakin’ country from the one we will be visiting, despite an all claims that “but I’ve looked on the map, and it’s just right there! What do you mean you can’t stop by?” .

At this rate, I will need a vacation from my vacation.

Meanwhile, Sailor Man keeps making social plans for us every night while conveniently forgetting that a) I have to work and b) when not working, I have to study.

Sailor Man didn’t know me back when in my college days. He doesn’t know what an absolute crack-pot I can be when it comes to studying. His first glimpse at how crazy I can be about school was last spring when I took an advance statistics class (after not having taken any math classes in over 15 years), and witnessing my nuclear meltdown over getting a B+ and having only missed the A by 2 points.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people.

I am reasonably well assured of getting an A in the class, but that doesn’t mean I am not doing any and all extra credit and still making sure I know the subject inside and out. I goes against the very nature of my being to do otherwise. And yes, it makes me a complete and utter crazy bitch in the meantime, but that’s the way it goes and that is unlikely to ever change.

The lovely, sweet, and normal me will return in two days time when we board the plane and head North-where then the wild and completely unhinged me rears her head and goes ballistic towards mountains looking for trolls, dwarves, and vikings brandishing battle-axes…

I love that me. I can’t wait to see her.