As I am sure many a blogger has asked him or herself: What is the proper etiquette when dealing with stalkers?

I’m noticing a myriad of potential ethical issues that might arise when planning a good defense against a whack-job-nut-bag-full-of-bonkers. Some examples:

1. Is it right and proper to to publish the identity of a STALKER in your blog when they refer to themselves as “Anon” or “Anonymous” yet have their full name in their email address? How about when they use their own likeness as an Avatar?

2. If that STALKER has a particular bent, say they are overtly religious, is it right to retaliate by submitting their email address to as many atheist or pro-choice organizations as you can find?

3. If your STALKER is just a big ball of crazy, is it inappropriate to submit their information to mental health organizations that may help them “deal” with their issues?

4. How horrible would it be, really, to pay the teenage neighbor kid (who is quite the hacker) to create an evil-evil worm to email to your STALKER?

…or should you take the high ground and just invite your STALKER into a chat room where you can sit down virtually over a cup of Second Life coffee where they can discuss their “secret pain” ?

Of course, I’m joking…I know it’s best to just ignore and not engage your STALKER. I know that it is just better to block your STALKER from your blog and to not email them directly because you really don’t know what you’re dealing with…

But seriously, where’s the fun in that?