Is there anything more disheartening than the death of a beloved blogger? By death, I mean one who has put down their proverbial pen and signed off for good. I am in mourning today for one such blog: the final farewell from John Mayer.

Yes, that John mayer, whatever your opinion about his music, he is a well-spoken, highly intelligent, twisted, and snarky scribe. I started reading his blog a year ago after hearing his interview with Bob Edwards on NPR.

If you require any proof if his blogging excellence, I think his ruminations on being called a “douchebag” says it all. Unfortunately, you will be directed to Perez Hilton’s site to see it.

For whatever reason, (maybe it was his recent defense of Jessica Simpson/Tony Romolo) John has issued a final post and has deleted the rest. And I for one am truly sad for this.