Wow, it’s weird to think that Roe v. Wade is exactly as old as I am. I take for granted that there was a time when women couldn’t choose. We forget these things, when in fact, we really need to remember.

So, today to celebrate a landmark decision that recognized a woman’s autonomy of her own body, I am participating in Blog for Choice Day.

We don’t live in a perfect world. If we did, yeah, sure every fetus would be a wanted event, but such is not life. I don’t disparage Anti-Choicers because they have their beliefs and I assume their beliefs work for them, but I have my beliefs as well and as such, declare the following as what I believe to be true:

1. People are idiots in the throes of passion. Seriously, barely a step above chimps in that situation. Always have been, always will, and that’s not likely to ever change.

2. Not every sexual encounter for a women is an agreed upon event.

3. Given #1, sex education should be taught to all persons if not tattooed directly on their persons.

4. Given #1, #2, and #3, contraception should be made readily available to all persons.

5. No one organization does more to prevent abortions than Planned Parenthood. The operative word here, people, being the word “planned”.

6. No amount of praying is going to change the reality of #1 or #2.

7. Additionally, given #1 and #2, I find it simultaneously laughable and horrific that the decision of what women may do with her body is largely in the hands of the Supreme Court, which at last count, had only 1 woman justice.

8. Given #7, my belief is that if you are not in possession of a vagina, you should not be given a deciding vote in the matter. Vagina trumps Penis.

9. It’s a tough life and people are not perfect. As I can only walk in my own shoes, I will not judge another woman for walking in hers.

So that’s it. Love or hate it, I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind in this matter. If you want to comment, by all means do, HOWEVER, any ensuing nastiness will be deleted. Civilized conversations only. If you don’t like it, get your own blog and post your nastiness there.