Ho.Le.Crap! I couldn’t believe it when I read a news story this morning about a Wisconsin Right to Life group mailing over 40,000 plastic fetuses to local Racine residents to mark the anniversary of the legalization of abortion.

What the ever livin’ hell was that about? Aside from it being a religious expression of facism…

One resident on the receiving end of these plastic political action figures remarks how offended she was by the act while the project chair of the group had hoped that residents would take it “in a positive way”.

Are you kidding me??? In what way is mailing a plastic fetus to someone of whom you know nothing about, personally, politically or otherwise, considered a positive act?

I support free speech in all forms, even when I find it to be utter bullshit and reprehensible, but some one is going to have to explain to me how this stunt is covered under the First Amendment.