Of all the reasons why someone does or does not vote for a candidate, the one reason that keeps popping up in blogs, on the tv, on the radio, everywhere! is whether or not a voter feels “inspired” by the candidate they are leaning towards.

Some people like Mitt Romney’s managerial record but say he doesn’t inspire them like Mike Huckabee does. Conversely, people who are inspired by Mike Huckabee are concerned about his ability to lead. The same goes for Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, inspired by one and not the other but concerned of capabilities. And John McCain, bad-ass inspiring story to be sure, but does that necessarily translate to the person?

A friend of mine remarked that being inspired by someone seemed like a ridiculous reason to vote for them. I wonder, is it? People certainly have voted far more ridiculous reasons, like whether or not they felt they could “have a beer” with a candidate, or those most dreaded of all creatures: the Single Issue Voter. That person who is only concerned with One Issue and they vote solely on the basis of a candidate’s position on That One Issue. (Personally, I hate these people. Life is a hell of lot more messy and complicated than that and voting is a duty, a responsibility, and the least one can do is educate themselves)

So, I admit it, I want to be inspired. When Howard Dean made his infamous rant after the Iowa Caucus, I was absolutely enthralled by his vigor, his passion, his enthusiasm for the process. The fact that the Democrats ended up nominating that dead-fish John Kerry, really turned me off when it became an election of the “Evil of Two Lessers”.

But inspiration can’t be everything. I know people who spin a yarn and talk a mile of sh** with the best of them, but at the end of the day, they have the morals of a pimp, the integrity of a con-artist, and the discipline of a six-year old with ADHD. The point of this being: Charisma doesn’t equal good management.

Huckabee is certainly an amazing speaker, but he also believes in the planet is 6,000 years old. Inspires me to want to take a science class.

And as important as it is for me to have a female voice in the White House (please, Dog, during my lifetime!) that lack of spark I feel for Clinton is in itself dispiriting. Additionally, even if I was completely gung-ho for Clinton, I probably wouldn’t vote for her anyway because I feel very strongly that the leadership of this country needs to leave the hands of the two families that have had a power-lock on it for the last 20 years.

In case you didn’t follow me on that last paragraph: Bush Sr. 1989-1992, Bill Clinton 1993-2001, Bush Jr. 2001-2008.

Rudy Guliani and the mess that is his life, inspires me to work harder on my marriage, and stop living in the past.

As a Michiganer, Mitt Romney inspires me to want to clear the air about his late father, Gov. George Romney, who isn’t as beloved as some people would have you think. He also inspires me to want to talk to him about moving out of “Stepford” with those sons of his.

And this is really rude, sorry in advance, but Ron Paul’s face inspires me to go home and watch the LOTR trilogy. Seriously, I have a really hard time getting past the Gandalf similarity. But he also inspires me to seek out who designed his website. Design wise it’s a little “eh” but organizationally, it’s the best one out there.

Barack Obama inspires me to want to get Oprah off the air as soon as humanly possible. And I’ll say this in his defense, any who wants to slam him for drug use during his teen years really needs to get a life. If we were all judged on our teen years I dare say none of us would come out looking very good.

John Edwards inspires me to want to eat chocolate cake. Something with “feeling” because he hits a big, fat zero on the inspirationometer.

And while John McCain had the Howard Dean effect on me in 2000, his comments on Iraq being the 100 Year War and his “Bomb-Bomb-Iran” diddy inspires me to call his doctor and have his meds checked.

So there you have it. All that and still I got nothing. I do the research, I look through the websites, I watch CNN constantly, and still all I can do is sum up the candidates with a few snarky remarks. Sad, people, sad.

So now I ask myself is it really the people I’m turned off by or the process? Because this is a really long road to hoe.