Oh, crap, another female libido drug is currently being tested by medical facilities across the country. For Dog’s sake, people! When are researchers going to give up on this nonsense? Not every problem can be “fixed” by pharmaceuticals.

Every time I hear about another one of these drugs being tested, it reminds me of this guy on my college fencing team who believed this bullshit story about a man who would, while having sex with his wife, touch her breast whenever she had an orgasm and proceeded as such so that eventually, all he had to do was touch her breast (sans sex) and she would have an orgasm for him.

Uh, can you say Urban Myth?

I remember the first time my teammate laid that story on me, I told him that clearly he had never had sex with a women before. Seriously, because no sexually active man in his right mind AND in a healthy relationship is going to buy into that garbage.

My point being: You can’t treat the female orgasm like it was Pavlov’s Dog! If science (and women themselves…unless they’re faking it, and then shame on you, girls!) hasn’t proven by now that female arousal is infinitely more complicated than that of a man, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Sorry, gentlemen, but you’re just going to have to do the work. You too, ladies. Anything else is just lazy, and quite frankly, bad manners.