As anyone who reads this blog regularly might have discovered, the Saudi Arabian government is not high ranking on my list of favorite governmental entities. They are a bunch of rat-bastard, misogynistic, dictatorial, terrorist-sponsoring, afraid-of-the-vagina, troglodytes who should be ceased from existing on this planet. “Royal Family” my ass. Royal threat to all things good and decent in this world is what they are.

Which is no way a direct reflection of Saudis as a people. I am fortunate to know many Saudi ex-pats (although I describe them more as escapees) and they are some of the most generous, civilized, loving and enlightened persons I have had the privilege of knowing.

Having these friends has always made me terribly curious about the goings on in Saudi Arabia behind that brutal and despicable regime. So with great interest, I started reading a number of blogs back in 2006, and in particular, a blog by Saudi woman who calls herself “Saudi Eve”. My Dog, to be a woman in that hellish country…Her entry about being in Beirut during the Israeli bombings, damn, almost choked me up, and I’m not a chick who cries.

Her blog has been blocked for some time as the Saudi government has complete control of the internet within the confines of that Sand Pit From Hell. But go back through her previous entries and they are so raw, so visceral, so honest, you can’t help but wonder what the hell we (the US) are doing in bed with this country. We sell the Saudi government arms when we should be doing our political best to disarm and dismantle them altogether.

Recently, the Saudi government arrested a daring blogger, who was, incredibly, writing under his own name, and blocked his site. He was arrested on December 10th, and has yet to be released from police custody even though government officials say he is only being “questioned”. Another blogger has been promoting a petition for his release and with hope, the Saudi government will release them as they are very sensitive to bad PR.

At least the Saudi government is an equal opportunity offender. They hate both their women and their men equally, and hate the idea of a free thinking citizenry even more.