Puppy Dog is starting to venture out in the new neighborhood and get a sense of her new surroundings. It’s been too cold lately to take her for long walks, so she has been sequestered to our block where I closely monitor her and make sure she doesn’t stay out too long.

She’s a made a friend with the rottweiler down the hill. He runs up and romps about with her while she is on her tie out. I would love to be able to her roam, but Salome has always been one to take herself for walks-long walks-walkabouts even.

So today being so nice and the snow abated, we went for a good long stroll. About a half mile away from the house, Salome was attacked by another dog.

We were walking past a row of post WWII era houses and while I was admiring the brick work and Salome was sniffing some trees, a little rat dog chihuahua came bounding out of the house and promptly launched itself like a projectile missile at Salome.

Let me state at this point that Salome has never started a fight with another dog. She most certainly has finished them though. She is content to sniff about and see what is up with the other dog, but when the other dog starts a rumble, Salome has no problem putting said dog in their place. I have learned to stay out of it. Mostly because dogs have pack order and it is their nature to figure it out. Also, because it is a sure fire way to lose a finger or two. Should things get heated, I can usually pull Salome away, double up on her leash and haul her off for a cooling down.

The problem arises when other people without fenced yards, let their dogs have the run of the street, as in the case of the Mexican Rat Dog.

At first strike, Salome easily swatted it away. She didn’t counter attack because she wasn’t sure what it was. Smells like a dog, sounds like a dog, but sure as hell didn’t look like a dog. Rat Dog launched a second wave offensive and went for Salome’s ear. At this point, I was on the front the porch banging on the door for someone to retrieve their soon-to-be-lunch pet.

Salome politely swatted knocked the dog away a second time but the Rat Dog pulled a sneaky sucker-punch and lashed at Salome’s nose. This is where it was about to go terribly wrong.

Salome decided enough was enough and scooped up the Rat Dog in her mouth-by its head-and gave it a good long shake. The only defense the poor thing had was to play dead, which it did, and Salome let it roll out her mouth, covered in slimy slobber where the little thing promptly rolled over and submitted.

The owner finally came to door and when she saw what was occurring started a screaming tirade about calling the police on me and my “vicious animal”. I pointed out her that a) her Rat Dog started it, and b) why the hell is her dog out running around without a leash or even a collar with a dog tag in evidence of not having a fenced yard?

She saw my point, scooped her slimy rat-thing and hurried him into the house.

Salome stood there all the while, calmly, wagging her tail, not sure what just went down and probably wondering where the little play thing went off to. She never once made a sound, nor did the hair on her back bristle. I think it’s the curse of being a big dog. Probably like being an enormously large man, you get used to jackasses picking fights with you.

We went home where Salome went directly to her bed curled up and started snoring within minutes. I doubt she’ll even remember this by tomorrow although I am willing to bet that Rat Dog most certainly will.