It’s not been a good week. I’ve been dealing with the remnants of a cold, rushing to finish work before the holiday break, and stressed out beyond belief, but I came in today and the front page news has me turning cartwheels and tap dancing for joy.

Time Magazine has named my love, Vladimir, their Person of the Year. Obviously, they’ve been reading my blog.

I mean, really, who else could they have possibly chosen? Sure, someone advancing human rights, fighting for the environment, or a cure for cancer, but this is a man who has done something infinitely more difficult: he has almost single handedly pulled the Russian Soul out of the mires of post-Cold War alienation and despair and has made the Russian people, well, happy.

Sure, his economy is a house of cards built around a one-trick pony that could blow away with the slightest poof of a Siberian wind, but who cares! They’re living in the now! In the moment! And they have Gucci and Prada, dammit! And for once, they’re real!!

Aside from being dastardly handsome and debonair, Time Magazine is simply recognizing some good old fashion Cult of Personality and I, for one, am darn glad it still exists.

Who else possesses such singular determination to rule the world? (You don’t fool me, Vlad, darling, I see behind those chiseled cheeks and icy, blue eyes…the soul of a dictator! But it’ll be our little secret, lovey, promise).

2007 marked the return of the Russian Bear, and don’t let anyone tell you different.