Maybe you’ve heard about this, you probably haven’t, but a Saudi woman who was  viciously gang raped by 7 men and has been sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months in prison on top of this horrible violation to her person.

The backstory is that the young woman was alone in public with a man who was not a relative. Additionally, she was enagaged at the time, so for all intent and purposes, she was considered married, and the act of being in public with this man is elevated to adultery. Under Islamic law, this entitles the courts to sentence her to these lashings and imprisonment.

Naturally, human rights organizations are going ape shit. There has been little to mention of this in the American press and the last I heard of it was a week ago when Hilary Clinton called on the Bush administration to speak out on the matter, to which, the administration demurely replied that they will not protest an “internal Saudi decision”.

In a somehwat related matter, across the pond in England, the government is going head over heels to bat for an English woman teaching in the Sudan who has been sentenced to lashing because her students named a teddy bear Muhammed in her classroom.

Apparently, in the US, it’s perfectly okay for Saudi Arabia, our “Partner in Peace”, to torture, terrorize and victimize women so long as the Saudis keep selling us oil and buying arms from us (a $20 billion dollar deal was signed just this last summer in case you didn’t know). The Bush administration seems to conveniently forget that most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi and that the “Royal” family is well known to sponsor terrorism.

My answer to this of course would be to give these $20 billion of arms directly to the Saudi women to start using against the misogynistic, sadistic, patriarchal , rat-bastard, society of Saudi men. Maybe then a little justice will be had.