Nicholas Sarkozy is quite obviously taking his marital strife and that sticky union thorn in his side and channeling it into some bad-ass foreign policy for the good of not only FRONS  but the world at large.

Pointing that dangerous widow’s peak of his at China, Sarkozy (I still just love this name, say it with me, Sar-COZY),  has not only signed a $30 billion airliner and nuclear plant deal with the country, but before the ink even dries he goes all Vladimir Putin on their hinies and tells them the they have to clean up their act. The short list on this being to revalue their dollar and stop screwing the world markets, get going on some real environmental reform, and enact some darn human rights already.

I don’t have to tell you how much this makes my toes curl. 

You really have to appreciate the enormous strength of personality this takes. What China giveth, it certainly could taketh away, signed deal or no signed deal. They have been called on the carpet before the world stage and Nicholas Sarkozy took a major political gamble in doing so.

China’s response? Sarkozy’s Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, invited him to accompany him to the Olympics next year in Beijing.  Of course, given that seductive Jedi-mind-trick stare of Nicholas’s, I am sure that’s exactly what he told him to do.

I am really beginning to like this man. Vladimir’s garnering some serious competition.