As good as I try to be at simple and sparse living, I am completely amazed at how much stuff there is to throw out or donate every time we move. Every single effin time.

I’m spending the weekend packing and purging and you simply wouldn’t believe what I am coming across in this house. I mean, damn, why do I have feather boas in the attic? What the hell are those ninja stars doing in the utility closet? Where did that ouija board come from? And since when do I own a Barbie doll? I haven’t owned a Barbie doll since I nine and used them for cannibalistic ritual dances with my brother’s GI Joe dolls. That’d be about the same age my mother finally stopped buying them for me and let me start playing soccer. Those have gotta be left over from the previous owners.

Where did all this crap come from and how has it been hiding from me all this time??

Agggghhhh! As they say in comics. I usually throw out one garbage bag every two weeks. I am currently at three and counting.

And don’t get me started on the dust. This is going to take a lot of Led Zeppelin to get through this mess.