The Alfred Hitchcock movie “Rear Window” was on for the umpteenth time on AMC the other night, which is completely fine by me. In fact, if I had my drothers, there’s be a whole channel on cable completely devoted to that move and that movie alone. A separate channel for the “The Philadelphia Story” would also exist, of course.

Next up on the Rear Window Channel, “RearWindow”!

It’s hard to pin down just what I love about this movie. The chemistry between Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly (is that just a continuous surprise or what?), the witty and clever dialogue, the utter creepiness of Raymond Burr, the claustraphobic feeling of the world outside the window, I mean, how did they do that?

Anyway, it got me to thinking about a common remark people made about my house when it was still on the market. I have no window shades or curtains on any of the downstairs windows. This is mostly due to the fact that I like natural sunlight and the house being monstrously big and narrow, it tends to be a black hole with such accoutrements. People, often in a low whisper, ask worriedly about what happens at night when it dark outside and people can see into the house.

Well, not to give too much away, but I normally turn vampiric at that point, so anyone who dares lurk under my windowsill is just easy pickings and a tasty hor’dourves at the start of the evening.

Seriously, who cares if someone can see in? What are they going to see? A grown woman with no children who watches the Carton Network. A woman who likes two fingers of whiskey in the evening. A woman who likes to rock out to the Rollins Band or Iggy Pop while cleaning the house. A woman who has a big, damn dog who will not hesitate to destroy your world if you don’t mind your distance.

Until such time that I am murdering my spouse and dimembering him in my kitchen or, conversely, having sex with my spouse on the living room floor, I have no need for shades, curtains, privacy, or shame. Yes, shame. I’m a somehwat normal person, doing basically normal things and why most people feel they have to hide these everyday acts from each other, cut each other off from society, and burrow into their houses at night, I feel, numbs our humanity towards each other.

I’m not likely to change. This is not by any means an invitation to come on over with a video camera or anything (remember the dog) but I just wonder what it is about people who are afraid to let others see them as they really are in their natural habitat.