Sailor Man and I have been contemplating adding to the fam. The Slobbermonster is getting up there and we like the idea that she would leave her paw print on any puppy we get. So we’re looking at breeders.

Sailor man desperately wants a Dane. I like them, but eh, they don’t rock my boat. I have always, always, always loved Irish Wolfhounds. Growing up in Detroit, I had a neighbor who raised them, and I just adore these gentle giants. I have found a great breeder in Ohio and I am hoping for a Christmas puppy. I’m thinking I might be able to coax Sailor Man by letting him name the pup.

However, I am convinced that Salome, our mastif, will live until she is 20 and having two giant breeds in the house might not be the best idea. Ooooo, but think of all the fun in the meantime…