Ho. Le. Crap! I’m just starting to pick my jaw up off the floor after last night’s episode of “Heroes”, which is rather refreshing considering the beginning of this season sucked soooooooo very baaaaaaadly.

So here’s some random thoughts/feelings on last night’s show:

And HRG. OMG!!! I didn’t realize until just last night how much I love this man. I’m talking the love one might feel for a Vladimir or a Nicholas, I’m that serious. I never realized it before, before but he possesses all the qualities I love in a man: surety of thought, swiftness in action, lust for revenge, the capability of admitting he’s wrong, those glasses…omg, I looooooooooove the glasses, makes me want to fog.them.up., and to top it all off- he put’s up with his wife’s damn rat dog.

And Mohinder. Mohinder, Mohinder, Mohinder…is it just me or is he just utterly useless? He’s seriously needs to go. Nothing made me happier than HRG slapping him in his busted nose last night.

I’m starting to like Psycho Elle. Although I still mourn the loss of Veronica Mars I like this Barbie escaped from a mental ward.

Soooooo happy not to have the Death Twins on last night. Another duo that needs to go away.

Anyone else missing the Ando and Hiro Show? I really like them much better last season when they were the Bumbling Tourists of the Damned. Truly. Hiro is missing his joi de vivre which brought so much levity to an otherwise dark and twisty hour. I want him back.

When is Mama Petrelli going to show her roots? What super power is lurking beneath her cold frosty exterior?

I love that the show’s baddie is named “Bob”.

I admit to jumping out of my chair and whooping at the tv at the end of the show.

I’m in love again.