I’ve decided to put a halt to my normal shenanigans and skedaddle to the other side of the spectrum to indulge in some good old fashioned word play. I’ve been collecting a list of words that have “fallen out of fashion” in the last century, although, I bet if you rent a copy of the movie “The Music Man”, I’m sure you could probably catch most of them there.

Geegaw (trinket)

Frippery (finery or something trivial)

Calaboose (jail)

Hoosegow (jail again)

Hornswogle (swindle)

Gulch (to drink greedily)

Doppleganger (a ghostly double of a person, aka stalker?)

Brouhaha (a donneybrook!)

Dagnabit (expression of anger or frustration)

Kerfuffle (commotion, and isn’t this a Simpson character?)

Pettifoggery (shyster)

Canoodle (to pet amorously)

Fandango (a dance or piece of music)

Fusty (moldy, musty, out of date, or an old fogy)

Hoary (gray with age, ancient or venerable, tedious from similarity)

Dandiprat (a diminutive person, a coin, or spoiled brat)

Musterdevillers (a valuable cloth)

Taradiddle (lie)

Parsifal (gloriousness)

Cattywampus (askew or awry)

Hierophant (one explains mysteries, a mystagogue)

Slumgullion (a stew, or refuse from whale blubber processing-yum!)

Mollycoddle (to spoil or indulge)

Soused (a little abvious I think)

Milksop (a spoiled brat)

And my personal favorite…

Quaff (to drink copiously and with hearty enjoyment)