So. Very. Tired.

Sailor Man is off on the high seas and I am left behind to deal with the carnage: one, big, slobbering, depressed puppy.

He managed not to pack in front of her. He managed to get all his bags down the stairs and out the door before she could see them. He then devised a brilliant plan in feeding her on the back porch while he drove the car around front to load his luggage. Where did he fail?

In failing to remember the dog’s overwhelming sense of curiosity. When Sailor Man took off in the car leaving her on the porch, she knew something was up. She opened the back door (she’s talented), went to the front window and witnessed the disappearing luggage act. She’s been sulking ever since.

I took her on an adventure to the Erie Cemetery yesterday after work/school, hoping it would cheer her up. I was up all night with puppy dog having nightmares instead. Who knew she could have so much in her head? Although, in all fairness, it is larger than mine, so maybe…

It started around midnight, the barking and shaking in her sleep. Then came the whining and the biting. This went on for about two hours until I curled up on the floor with her which seemed to do the trick.

Up early (Sailor Man’s usual duty) to feed and water. Then came a quick walk before an early dental appointment and heading off to work. I’ll go home at lunch (my usual duty) to feed and water again and provide much needed bathroom break. I then have to hurry home before class to let out slobber monster out again (Sailor Man’s usually home for the day by now) before driving across town to school. After class will be the final feeding and then the day’s end washing of the face (my daily chore). After the wrestling match of washing her face, I will have to participate in twenty minutes of high voltage play (again, Sailor Man’s doing) before I can crack the books, catch up with The Daily Show  and pass out for the night.

I’m giving serious thought to drugging her this evening. Actually, it’s Halloween, so I’ll have to any way. I’ve learned over the years that neighbors don’t take too kindly to big dogs eating small children, no matter how annoying they may be. 

Need. Sleep.