About 12 years ago, I was on a date with a guy, having drinks at a bar, when a rather intoxicated individual squeezed in between us and started laying a diatribe on me about how red heads are descendant not from chimps but from oranguatans.

After about twelves minutes of this (yes, twelve, I was watching the clock) , my date decided that maybe I might have had enough of said gentleman. Maybe? At this point, I shooed off the date, bought the drunk a drink and left the bar.


Sadly, that was not the last time I had heard this idiotic postulation about myself and my red headed brethren. However, the bright spot of my yesterday was reading that  DNA researchers have discovered that Neanderthals carried the gene mutation required for red hair.

Yes, gene mutuation, and don’t start with me. You inherit a gene for brown, black, and blonde hair. For red hair, you don’t inherit a gene per se, but a mutation that creates the necessary environment for auburn beautaceousness. And since Neanderthals definitely have their branch in the human tree of evolution, this negates the theory of my Orangutanian origins.

This is, however, another reason for my brothers to call me a freak.