Okay, this is a doozy. You might want to gird your loins…

Let me ask this: When you, as a righteous and moral person, think about all the evils that exist in the world and line them up in the most offensive order, what do you get? More importantly, where does the “Sin of Onan” figure in?

By the way, the title of this entry is from the first season of South Park, so if you can remember that long ago, you should get a chuckle.

9 years ago, the great State of Alabama saw fit to prosecute a woman for selling sex toys. In an attempt to protect her right to free whatever, good lovin?, the store owner, Sherri Williams, decided to go to the mattresses with the Alabama courts. Unfortunately, the United States Supreme Court has decided not to hear the case. 

I think I’ll let the link speak for itself and, please, do yourself a favor and read the comments to the article. “Flying Squid” makes a particularly good point.

Ala-freakin-bama, man. You’ve got murder, rape, child abuse, drugs, theft, fraud and a world of other problems going on down there and this particular law is what their government is so hell bent on upholding?

I for one am disappointed in the Supreme Court and for no other reason than I would have looooooved to hear either side of this argument in front of those doddering, old, prudish, bastards. Not you, Ruth. You I like. You have a Dr. Ruth Westheimer vibe about you, I can tell.

Can you just imagine it? While the Court hears agruments, there will be protesters for and against outside. Those proudly waiving their Rabbits, handcuffs, whips and masks, demanding safe and legal access to toys of their choosing. Their opponents will be there too, waiving their bibles and bottles of Purell. A fight will ensue, a melee will follow, it’ll be donnybrook of monumental proportions. Someone will loose an eye…

All this to uphold freedom of speech and the right to help people have some hot self on self love…sigh, Dog bless America.