So the pooch didn’t actually get skunked yesterday, the neighbor dog did and because my dog thought the smell was so terribly interesting, she chased the neighbor dog around and tackled her a few times so that she may aquire a skunky smell of her own.

Promptly throwing her in the shower (too big to pick up and place in the whirlpool bath, although she looooooooooves the whirlpool) I began applying every cleanser known to man to remove the stink. After bath #3 I resorted to the one thing I positively knew would remove the vile odor-a thick paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

I tried this two years ago when the pooch rolled in buck urine during the rut season. In case you don’t know, getting skunked is an absolute olfactory pleasure compared deer-in-heat-pee. We were living on an island off the coast of Maine at this time and for whatever reason, pooch wanted a new perfume. However, after hauling her home, she got a good whiff of what she had done to herself and desperately began to roll around on the dirt road trying to remove the smell. She actually offended herself  she smelled so bad.

I bathed her four times that day. She was most cooperative. I ran out of soap and figured I’d try the soda/peroxide mixture I was using to clean drains and voila! a new solution was found.  I had to throw away every towel that touched her and even had to place her metal collar on the grill to burn off the stink. So a little skunk, not so bad.   

Of course, the damn skunk of yesterday ran under our shed. We have some crystalized fox urine (I don’t even want to know how someone makes that) and sprinkled it around and under the shed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Meantime, pooch went to the groomers for a final bathing and manicure. All in all, not so bad.