People all over the country are flipping out that a Maine school is offering birth control to students in an effort stop a pregnancy epidemic.

While I can understand (a little) that some people are aghast to think that a school would side-step parental control in this manner, please keep a few things in mind when discussing this issue:

1. Not all parents are present. They work, they drink, they do drugs, they leave town, whatever, they’re not around and they have no idea what the hell their kids are doing and with whom they are doing it with.

2. Not all parents are loving. An 11 year old so sexualized that they are having intercourse at that age tells me they are severely deprived of emotional and physical affection at home. That, or they’re being taken advantage of in which case refer back to point #1. 

3. Not all parents participate in the education of their children, scholastically or sexually. Sure, hold the teachers and administrators of the school responsible for your child when they fail a course, but do you hold them responsible when your kid comes home knocked up? Is the parent making sure that homework is being done every night? Is the parent making sure their child has all the very necessary information regarding sex education being made available to their child?

I lived in Portland, Maine, I know  this school. I know  the neighborhood this school is in. Put aside the act of the school board for a moment and consider the events this school witnesses every day in the lives of these children.

Common sense ought to tell that us if you insist on having children and also insist on not raising them, then you shouldn’t be surprised when someone steps in and does it for you.