So…I had Ox Roast yesterday. I figure, I’ve been here a year, I should give it a try. Try, I did, and once I got past the mushy fat globules, the bun soaked in au jus,  the indescribable “horseradish” sauce (I put horseradish in “quotes” since it read that way on the menu), and the fries that were dangerously close to being on top of my sandwhich, it was, I have to admit, still pretty disgusting.

How do Erie people eat this stuff??? How do you do it and not die of a coronary disease?? Ox Roast is the equivalent of a heart attack served on a plate! Order that with a cardiac surgeon to go.

You know, I’ve done my part here. Aside from this ox roast disaster, I have eaten sponge candy (and I still do not want to know what that actually is), have suffered through numerous occassions of fries showing up on my salads, and had minor battles over fries being stuffed in my sandwhiches, and now I am done.

This is America not some outpost in a tribal nation, and I am not eating any of this strange, supposedly organic material you people call regional food. I think I can comfortably live my life without experiencing the “joys” of pepperoni balls, thank you. I mean, what hell are those anyway?

But I do appreciate this novel practice Erie has of ordering wings by the piece. Weird, true, but economical.

If anyone cares to suggest regional cuisine I won’t choke on, I’m open to suggestions.