When I was a kid, everyone knew about the Catholic priests being inappropriate with little boys. It was a common joke. Albeit not a joke to those abused at their hands, but it was something everyone understood to be commonplace. So I was pretty floored by the public reaction when this long held practice by the Catholic Church became “national news” a few years ago.

So out come the lawsuits, the lies are uncovered, the church takes a massive hit, the Pope and the Right-Wing-Nuts blame homosexuals (when in actuality pedophiles are nearly all heterosexual), and it all comes tumblin’ down.

We’ve all heard about the incredible settlements the church is making with victims of abuse, but what is not really coming to light is the aftermath. Where are they coming up with the money that insurance doesn’t cover?

The nuns apparently.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles is evicting elderly nuns, who work with the poor out of their convent in Santa Barbara, so that they may sell the property and raise much needed cash.

How lovely.

As far as I have heard, no nun was convicted of sexual abuse and yet the settlement is to come off their backs? The Archdiocese of LA owns some of the most expensive real estate in the country (about 4 billion dollars worth of parking lots, retail buildings, oil wells and other church property) but they are choosing to sell off some small, inconsequential real estate (tax assessed at $95,000) that houses beloved women of the community who perform much needed social work on behalf of the down-trodden. The Sisters of Bethany have been there for nearly 50 years, in fact, the up keep of the convent is resting almost solely on one of the sister’s monthly social security payments and not the church.

Oh! And the sister have been issued a gag order by Cardinal Roger Mahony forbidding them from speaking to the press.

The Catholic Church, worldwide, owns enough property and precious art to feed the world’s poor for a year. So why not call old Benny in the Vatican, have him sell off  painting or two? The Archdiocese preached that there would need to be personal sacrifice to cover this debt, so isn’t it just great how the men who shielded the other men who committed these crimes are taking it out on the sisters who hold no power in the church? Just loooooove that patriarchy.

Mom, I know you’re reading this, so lay off the “why don’t you go to church anymore” questions this week. The idea of elderly nuns on walkers being kicked to the curb somehow doesn’t inspire in me  a sense of God.