I’m a little stressed these days. Work, school, changes in the home life, are beginning to add up and it takes its’ toll. But I’m doing my best to keep perspective and remember that everything is relative. This lesson was brought home this weekend like a line-drive to the head while in the library studying for a mid-term, I came across an old book “Titanic Survivor: the Memoirs of Violet Jessop”.

If you are like me, James Cameron and Leonardo DiCaprio pretty much killed any interest in the subject ten years ago with that film. However, this book has something more: the story of a young women who survived all 3 of the White Star Line ship disasters.

WTF? You say?

Yup. Totally happened.

Violet Jessop joined the White Star Lines in 1911 at the age of 14 as a stewardess aboard the Olympic. The Olympic collided with another vessel damaging both severely. However, the Olympic’s water-tight bulkheads held and they managed to limp back to Southampton, England for repairs.

Violet then joined the Titanic in 1912 for her ill-fated maiden voyage. Don’t need to tell you what happened there, only that she was one of the lucky few to make it into a lifeboat where a forgotten crying baby was thrust into her arms until the boat was rescued. Once safely aboard the rescue ship, a stranger snatched the baby from her without a word and ran away. 

Now, if it were me, I would take surviving two boat disasters within a year of each other as sign that the universe was trying to tell me something. Violet was either feeling very invincible or was very dumb, as she continued working aboard boats as nurse during WWI and then back to the White Star Line and where she found herself aboard the Britannic four years later.

The Britannic struck an underwater land mine in Aegean Sea and sunk in 1916. Lucky girl, despite bonking her noggin on a propeller as the ship sank, lived to tell that tale as well. Feeling that it was impossible for her to die at sea, Violet continued working as a stewardess back aboard the Olympic  until she married, settled down, and wrote her memoirs in the 1930’s. She lived a quiet life until she died peacefully in May, 1971.

 Girlfriend might have done herself a favor and played the lotto.  Damn y’all.