Actually, I have no idea where the scrumptious Mr. Putin is today, but I came across this facinating blog called “Strange Maps” and the entry on September 21st predicts a third wave of the Russian Empire.

Check it out here.

The prediction date of this is for the year 2053. This means, my dear folks, that plans would basically have to be under way right now for such an event to occur. And if you believe former chess Grand Master and Kremlin candidate, Garry Kasparov, (see pix, what a little hottie for a chess geek, who knew?) who is using his chess fortune (amusing phrase that, chess fortune)  to combat the Army of Darkness in Russian Politics, this third wave exists right now, under our very noses.

Vladimir, darling, behave yourself. Don’t make Momma come over there and give you a time out….