Ooooookay, came across this website and just when I think whacko-fundamentalists couldn’t take their bat-crap insanity any further, I am once again proven wrong. Very wrong. Oooooooooh, how wrong I be.

The free, online service is called Rapture Letters, and you can load up your entire email address book of heathens, pagans and other philistines on this website where said non-believers will receive an electronic notification that the Rapture has in fact taken place and that you will no longer be seeing brother-Johnny or sister-Susie as a result. For clarification, this email will be sent the first Friday following the Rapture and  then every Friday thereafter.

W-T-F? Now, I’ve put up with a lot on behalf of religious friends as of late. I have a Mormon friend who participates in the baptising of dead people who weren’t Mormon in life and now aren’t being given the choice, and another one who is a Jehovah’s Witness and is giving me grief over my LASIK surgery. But if anyone else thinks they’re going to spam me with a “nah-nah-ne-nah-nah” email into eternity, they got  another freakin’ thing coming.

I’m half tempted to hack the website and send out emails to every Christian I can think of telling them I was taken in the Rapture and they weren’t.