Even while the house is up for sale, I’m still doing piddly projects here and there which has led to some pretty cool discoveries as of late:

1. We have a staircase with a split landing. One side of the stairs leads into the living room, while the other leads into a Butler’s Pantry. What I discovered while poking around in one of a hundred different cabinets, is that if I open the cabinet by the stairs and pull out a bolt, the staircase unlocks and pulls away. After some research, I found out that this would have been a secret compartment for a safe. How cool is that?

2. In the upper corners of the closets in the house are old fashioned glass fire extinguishers.  If you are not familiar, they look like liquid filled light bulbs in brackets. The idea being that you could either grab the bulb and throw it as the base of a fire, or, if the fire climbs up to the bulb, the heat breaks the wick of the glass and the flame retardant liquid pours out. I hadn’t seen these since I was little girl playing in my grandmother’s house.


What a bummer that they don’t make houses like they used to.