Sailor Man and I were in Ireland in 2004 for the month leading up to elections, and I was astounded at how much attention the citizens of Ireland were paying to our political race for president. The presidential debates were televised nightly and discussed in great depth the following day in most newspapers. It was all anyone, who discovered my husband and I were Americans, wanted to talk about. And the most common question we fielded from men and women alike was “Why don’t you vote Hilary in? She’d be grand”.

See, Ireland is a country that has already had a female president. In short, they overcame their fear of the vagina.

I’m not saying this in support of Hilary for president, I haven’t yet made up my mind as to who I’ll be voting for this election (as opposed to the last election where I voted for Kerry on the “Sucks Less” platform). But the thing is, I have a serious problem with people who vehemently oppose Hilary Clinton without any thought as to why.

I have men in my office who revere  Bill Clinton. And I do mean revere, but when it comes to Hilary? “Can’t f*&^%$# stand her!”. Hmmm, they share the same politics, wouldn’t be surprised if they shared the same brain, so interest piqued, I ask why this is and the response I receive is “Just f*&^%$#@ do! Can’t stand her”.

Here’s the thing guys: it’s perfectly okay if you don’t like Hilary’s views, politics, hair, tone of voice, whatever, but saying you “just f*&^%$#@ do” is not good enough and makes you appear as an idiot who is afraid of the vagina.

Pakistan had a female Prime Minister in the 1980’s and yet we can’t manage to get a single woman into higher office here? In America? Home of the free land of the brave? Let us not forget that Pakistan is muslim country  for crying out loud! 

Have a drink, see a therapist, do what ever you have to do to get over it already, but please, for love of all things good in this world: have an honest and real opinion  on this issue because Vaginaphobia is a terrible, terrible thing.