I hate to bring this one up again, but this case irks me on so many levels, and although no one involved can be viewed in a favorable light, I think a gross miscarriage of justice is being perpetrated.  I can’t believe I’m going to write this, but I am support of (gulp) Idaho Senator Larry Craig.

While I dislike his politics, I really dislike the way he chose to handle his situation, which was to not handle it at all and hope it quietly went away. Craig only did this out of fear of being called a homosexual by constituents. How is it, that in the Republican Party, stalwarts of morality that they are, it’s perfectly all right to be an allegedly corrupt politician (yeah, I’m talking to you, Ted Stevens, R. Alaska) but it is certainly not okay to be gay? Ted Stevens has allegedly (see, I can play nice) swindled tax payers out of millions of dollars which is a crime with victims, and he certainly hasn’t been stripped of any of commitee duties or has been asked to step down, but Larry Craig pleaded guilty to a crime with no victims and he gets the boot? If Ted Stevens is convicted, it’s a felony, he’ll go away for years. Craig, at worst, pays a ticket.

Let’s also talk about the Minnesota Police for the moment. As I stated before, this case is sketchy at best. How the hell can a police officer say that Larry Craigs’s actions equated to solicitation of sex? Toe tapping? Hand waving under the stall? Unless the man is gyrating on your leg like a dog in heat, I can not see the validity in the cop’s assessment of the situation.

But take it to other extreme: What if Craig did proposition the officer? And verbally at that? Last I checked, under the constitution, speech is federally protected, so it can’t be a crime to ask someone for sex (unless, of course, you are offering compensation which makes it a whole different ball game).  Think about how many men and women would be arrested every single night in bars around the country if propositioning someone were illegal? How is this case with Craig any different?

Like I said, no one in this situation comes out looking good. Craig looks like a cowardly fool, the police look like a group of thugs ready to entrap at a moment’s notice, and the Republicans look like hypocrites for deserting Craig.

Craig is outta here come September 30th. He’ll continue with his case and with the right lawyer, I think he will win and rightly so. I still wouldn’t want a man with such bad judgement representing me in the senate, and again, hate his politics, but he’ll fade away into sad obscurity. I wonder though, if he has given any thought (given his staunch opposition to gay rights), or has developed any sympathy for what it must be like to be gay in America?